2017 – What a fun year it’s been!

2017 – what a fun year it’s been!
The botany, the talks, all the things we’ve seen…
There’s been walking and talking,
Drawing and dyeing,
All in a beautiful scene.

We had ‘Ask the Wood’
And ‘The Great North Wood’,
There were Open Gardens, Rain Gardens,
Kitchen Gardens and Glowing Gardens,
It was mad but we did what we could.

We walked in Battersea Park
And Kennington Park,
We saw trees and bees,
Hume’s grave and more trees,
We watched ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ in the dark.


There was plenty to make
And things home to take –
Terrariums and textiles,
Cards and nettle cocktails,
They all involved eating much cake.


Herbarium cabinets were painted black,
A hundred or more, back to back
The volunteers were great
They worked at such a quick rate
I just hope they want to come back.


‘Botany on Your Plate’
Meant kids learned what they ate,
The fruits and the roots,
The leaves and the shoots,
Schools were lucky to all get a date.


‘Plant Recording for All Ages’
Used up many programme pages,
We pressed plants of all sorts
And had lots of bright thoughts
The herbarium’s full of wise sages.


When we got our new loo
There was a great to-do
It was opened in style
Thanks to a man with a smile
Many thanks to all of you too.


……With many thanks to all of our members, supporters, visitors and blog readers….and City Bridge Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund, for funding ‘Botany on Your Plate’ and ‘Plant Recording for All Ages’.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful 2018.

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