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Identification techniques and plant anatomy – an online workshop

Getting to grips with hands-on flower and grasses identification and botanical terminology

One of two Field Botany skills workshops: Using Plant Identification keys follows on next Sunday 18th April.

When trying to identify plants using keys, are you confused by botanical terms and can’t quite understand what terms like ligule, phyllary or stipule mean? Worse still, you can’t even find them on your specimen!

You will use hand lenses to examine ‘simple’ flowers such as buttercups right through to the ‘dreaded’ grasses (the basics of which are a lot easier than people think).

This course will not cover everything you need to know to identify wild plants, but it should help. This course aims to guide you through the basic elements of flowering plant anatomy and explain what some of the apparently tortuous language refers to.

Dr Mark Spencer, Forensic botanist and Botany Curator at The Linnean Society

Tickets limited: £40 each For both workshops £60 members/£70 non-members

Please note this is currently an online event, and the link will be emailed out to you once bookings end, please check your junk mail.

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Field Botany Skills: Introduction to Plant Morphology


11th April
10:00 - 16:00
£40.00 - £70.00

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