Job opportunities

We currently do not have any vacancies.

Volunteering opportunities

Please email us with details on what you would like to help with and which days/times you can do.

If appropriate, please fill in and return our Volunteer Application Form. In most cases enthusiasm and commitment are more important than experience! (Please also see our SLBI Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions regarding how we use your personal data).

Open days and events

The Institute runs a busy programme of events throughout the year, all of which depend on the help of volunteers. Opportunities for involvement range from manning a stand at a show to giving horticultural advice at the annual plant sale, helping run our tea and cake stall, and handing out information leaflets about the Institute. See Events for upcoming activities where we will need help!


We run a range of programmes for our school visits, mainly primary level. These sessions take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We also run family activities during most school holidays, when help is needed. See School Visits for more information. For volunteering details please see Education volunteer role description.


Volunteers assist in maintenance tasks such as tidying up herbarium sheets and the weekly task of freezing specimens to prevent insect infestation and damage. The historic nature of the herbarium and its arrangement provides additional interest when incorporating recently donated specimens and naturalised alien species. See Herbarium for more information. We currently have no volunteering work available in our herbarium.


Volunteers assist in a variety of tasks, including arranging subject sections and updating our catalogue to reflect changing interests and new acquisitions. See Library for more information. Volunteers come in on Thursdays when some of them also take the lead in welcoming visitors and showing them around. No volunteering opportunities until we reopen.


The garden provides opportunities for volunteers to be involved in the care of many rare and unusual plants. Tasks tend to focus on the practical maintenance – sweeping, pruning etc and some propagation. All plants are labelled and most volunteers widen their knowledge through working with species new to them. Volunteers also help set up open days and welcome visitors to the garden. See Garden for more information. We currently have no volunteer vacancies in our garden.


It might not sound very glamorous but the help we get here is hugely appreciated! Volunteers help with publicising our events, developing materials, administering course bookings etc. Great work experience and a chance to learn about the other areas of the Institute too.