Support from Pest Control!

We’re delighted to have received a donation of £120 from Inoculand, a London pest control company.

Inoculand wanted to support us as part of their ‘Diversity & Community programme’, approaching us by saying that we were ‘exactly the kind of organisation’ they want to be associated with. They’ve also supported other local organisations including Brixton Windmill, which is where they found out about the SLBI.

You can find out more about their pest control services and their support of local community projects here.

We’re always pleased to hear about companies supporting their local good causes, whether it’s for the SLBI or for other local charities. If you’re a local company thinking you’d like to do more of this sort of thing, do please get in touch and we’d love to have your support!

Our thanks again to Inoculand – and we’ll know where to come if we have any pests….

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